One of the advantages of hypnotherapy is that in at least some cases, positive changes may occur more quickly than with traditional psychotherapy. No one can guarantee that this will happen with you, but  hypnosis sometimes yields positive results in as few as 6-8 sessions.
Your hypnotherapy sessions will begin with what is called the "pre-hypnosis interview." This includes a discussion about what hypnosis is and what it is not. Any questions you might have will be answered, and any myths about hypnosis dispelled. You will be asked what your goal is for the hypnotic session and there will be a discussion about what suggestions will be made during your hypnotic trance to help you achieve that goal.
Then the trance will be induced, utilizing one of a variety of techniques. Different induction techniques work better for different people, and one will be chosen that is the most appropriate for you individually. 
Once you are in the trance state, the previously agreed upon suggestions will be made to you. Following this, additional suggestions will be made that are designed to enhance your sense of well-being once you come out of the trance. 
You will then be brought out of the trance, along with the suggestion that you will feel refreshed, calm, and relaxed, but fully alert. Clients often say they come out of the trance feeling as if they have just had a restful nap.
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